Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How I Fall In Love With Art

“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”-Criss Jami. This artist came up with this quote via her experiences, thoughts and feeling in art. I like this sentence, because this is what almost every artists feel when creating a art piece. When I see it, I will remember a person who teach me how to draw a picture to express my emotion. This grateful person is my brother.

When I was 6 years old, it is a magical times to development Interests for everyone, so was I. I have an older brother. He is older than me 9 years and very nice which means he taught me a lot. In my memory, I remember my brother had a little sketch book. Once, I inadvertently  saw he used a pen to drew something in it. His emotion was not very well, Step by step, the lines turned to a circle, gradually it turned to a shine sun. Then he dropped the pen down, his feeling much better. I ask him why, he said draw something is like a relaxing way, when you feel unhappy, it is a grate w

ay to relax and take a rest. After conversion, I tried once, it was so terrible, but I did not give it up. It was my first time knew art can make a person feel good.
Day by day, art became my one of hobbies, Because art can makes me happy. When I was 14 years old, I studied in middle school, in this time, it was so terrible, cause all of Chinese student must study hard, almost no resting time, no hobby time. Just study and study. This is the real Chinese education. But I did not give up my hobby. One day night, when I did my homework, my brother walked in my room and passed me a form, it was about National Art Competition, when I got it, my brother was very excited, he was very confidence looked at me, until now I still can remember his eyes. So as my brother wish, I went to Beijing and participate the competition. During this time, I practiced painting everyday. At the end of competition, I got the first prize in whole China, the whole theater people cheered for me and my brother he just smiled and still confidence looked at me.
Last year, I studied in Boston, there is a full of cultural atmosphere of the city. But the school  I studied there just a regular school. After the first semester, I was confuse, should I transfer to a good at art school or keep this school. I talked to my brother, he did not say anything, just looked me. At that moment, I suddenly remember when I first time saw my brother drawing, how my brother looked at me and when I was in the front of the theater, how my brother looked at me, the whole theater people cheered for me. At that time, I made my decision, that is chase me dream and do what I want to do.
The most hard thing is to understand your own, what do you want do and who you want to be. But, sometimes maybe you lost yourself, you don’t know what I should do. You need a guiding people who help you, who care about you, who love and who makes you. For me, the person is my brother.

So, this is how I fall in love with art, so, tell me how you fall in love with your hobbies?

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